«Take some more tea» the March Hare said to Alice, very earnestly.
    «I’ve had nothing yet» Alice replied in an offended tone, «so I can’t take more.»
    «You mean you can’t take less» said the Hatter: «it’s very easy to take more than nothing.»

    I was Elsa (here), I was Maleficent (here), the Holy Death (here) and a painting by Lichtenstein (here). Every year with a specific reason.
    This year I’m the Mad Hatter. A decision made at the last moment, when I had decided to do nothing. But it would have been like abandoning another boat of my ship, I’m letting myself go to too many things and I don’t want to lose myself in the sea without hope of rescue. In half an hour I realized the make-up and found all the necessary for the costume.

    Why the Mad Hatter?

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  • Mom and Dad


    It’s already 6 months, Dad. 6 months have already passed. It’s absurd, it’s really absurd the way in which time shortens our perceptions, the way in which it erases the moments…

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    HELLO 24!

    Hello 24! March 17th was my birthday. This year was in such a delicate moment that I haven’t given myself time to live or fully perceive the festivities, even though I…

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  • Naples


    It’s not an easy time for me, now. Again. I’m sorry guys if I’m not just happy and carefree, but I’m trying to share the real myself and what’s going on…

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    Lichtenstein is anti any pictorial rule. Using advertising images, he trivializes mass information on reality, forces the observer to a reaction that leads him to reevaluate his expectation. He exploits a…

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    They asked me once if I felt more Alice or White rabbit. I replied, but then I thought about it. I believe you can’t choose whether to be White rabbits or…

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    XMAS 2017

    Although this year Xmas takes more difficult to trace the line of lights of my enthusiasm, I tried to infuse it in those around me. I have prepared five trees and…

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