Sometimes I need to be shipwrecked in a bubble of apathy, lose myself, slip to the bottom of thoughts and darkness to surface. To pause the smile, the good humor, the optimism. A holiday from any emotion. No sadness, no bad mood, never victimism. Only apathy. To return. To return. Continue Reading




Today is Carmela’s name day -whom I affectionately call Apple– my best friend, older sister, sometimes mother. And finally collaborator, for more than a year, when we decided to start working on this blog and devote it all our energies and free time, to achieve our dreams that meet perfectly halfway: my love for writing, fashion, the desire to create something of mine and the photography we have in common, to which she adds her innate entrepreneurial propensity, her brilliant mind in continuous work on new ideas. And travel. Obviously, travelling.
We started to go round Europe together to support each other, to bring Dasynka around with us through photos and stories. We share the same interests and it is important when traveling to be in tune. She’s the person who spurs me when I’m down or I stop believing in me, to whom I confide my tears, fears and hopes.
Behind Dasynka there is her more than you can imagine, from the choice of outfits, to guiding me in shoots, inspirations, ideas, and confrontation with business contacts.
We are a perfectly balanced team and it’s thanks to her if Dasynka exists -alone wouldn’t have been possible. So it’s thanks to her if I have the chance to see, day after day, my dream comes true.
And the certainty of not being alone, in work as in life, because she’s the only real close friend that remains to me.
She is a person who puts the good of others always before hers, whom gives also without receiving, whom never loses her smile or becomes discouraged.

Today is also eight months that my Mum is gone. Continue Reading




I reflected on the meaning of friendship these days. I’ve been thinking for months, actually.
You know, people are quick in defining. Define anything: that steel is cold when it is not true (see here), that every relationship is love, that spending Saturday night together means friendship.
What is friendship?
I’ll answer you with the first things that come to my mind: friendship is to be for the other always, especially in the worst moments. It’s unconditional support. It’s to put aside pride, to give without asking, it’s love but without constraints and restrictions. It’s understanding and empathy. Especially empathy.

Maybe we don’t all know what it is, many confuse it with the simply being together, with the laughter, with the Saturday night.
This is because opportunities to prove the values of friendship are rare. It happens only occasionally, when life suddenly sank and something breaks in the harmony of evening laughter. And that’s where the truth is revealed.
Have you ever hear that in the worst moments you find yourself alone? Because it is in those moments that friendship should prove itself, and that is where we find the absurd confusion we are all subjected to: that friendship is very rare (because very few are people with values and without selfishness) and there isn’t a word that classifies all the people with whom we spend the best moments, but who aren’t real friends. It would be a word between friendship and knowledge, a step ahead of friendship but with a more sympathetic connotation than simple “knowledge.” Continue Reading




I have the impression that my life is firm in Santorini, a month ago. And my current daily life is just a dream not focused. It’s an effect that makes me travel, for so much time.
When I travel to live it becomes a real and complete experience. Every hour is intense, every minute my eyes fill with new scenarios, my mind is continually working to memorize, learn, understand…
It’s life, this one. It is to live.
I am surprised at how many things we have been able to do on the first day.

On the evening of our arrival we only had the strength to unpack luggage and bed. In the morning we got up early to explore Thira, Santorini’s capital.
Santorini is a small Greek island of volcanic origin in the Cyclades, which means that it was initially a volcano and what is left of it, the entire left pelvis, came after an explosion. It’s all easily deducible by seeing the island from above: Caldera would be the crater now submerged by the sea, inside which there are small islets formed of lava debris (on which they organize small day cruises). The origin of Santorini also explains the cliffs overhanging the sea and the city built mainly on top of the crater. The beaches, however rocky and without sand for the island’s nature, are on the other side, where the land plunges into the sea softly. Continue Reading




On June 10th was my nameday. Of the many things I could do, I had only one wish: Positano.
Although I lived only a few hours from the Amalfi Coast, I missed in Positano for at least 4 years.
I didn’t remember that it’s so small. One of the most touristic towns, with the characteristic promontory crowded of houses on houses, a metaphor of what we are in the world, packed on each other with our lives, stories, dreams, without a real order, without a definite chromium, a chaos of sets that seems to us to understand nothing -inside. But -from outside- you have a poetic vision.
Maybe that’s why it enchants so much, because we feel a little bit of ourselves framed between those stairs and those balconies, overlooking the unknowledge of the infinite sea -the life. Continue Reading




Time is an awareness that -if you have it- can save your life.
It teaches you to concretize the world that comes in your hands, instead of staying there waiting for the world to do something for you.
Time is the balance that weighs, the goldsmith that evaluates the value of every thing, aspect, person, giving you the enthusiasm of who dispute a single poker game playing everything.
The time that passes is the most persuasive spur to action we have. And judge of truth.
It’s all we really have got.

I’m a kind of person who needs to look at the hour a hundred times a day, I try to take advantage of every second at my disposal and optimize every single nook of my days.
Daniel Wellington gift me with a Classy watch embellished with Swarovski, so checking the time becomes almost sublime.
You can use my discount code DASYNKA on till June 15th. Plus DW gives you a watch strap for every watch you buy (except Classic Petite or Dapper). Continue Reading




Do you think it’s easy to do always the right thing?
Always say the right thing?
Always make the right choice?

It isn’t enough that you do the utmost and be in the right part of 90% of the times; it isn’t enough to always be correct; not enough to be right almost always; it’s never enough what you do because it will always come when you are the most exposed branch on the west wind and without shelter, you are vulnerable
at that exact moment,
you do the wrong thing.
No one cares more than all the times when you didn’t. When you are wrong they have finally got a reason to point the finger against you.
It seems they didn’t expect anything else.
The more you are, the more they. Continue Reading




It’s important to reflect and push to the deep meaning of things. Ask. Understand.
This life is a sailing offshore. You can stay idle and live it all without anything but the perception of apparent horizons. A fluid flow of days on days, waves on houres, people on situations.
But if only you had the courage to immerse yourself… To dip you deep. To swim seven leagues under the seas, where the sun doesn’t arrive but overwhelms the dense darkness that swallows the light and releases fear.
Through despair, terror, no air in the lungs, the pressure that crushes the brain, death on you. There, only there, you would discover yourself. You would find the strength and desire of pure survival, anger and determination. And the gills would spit on you, and the ability to cross the dark pain, and that death mound would stick to the skin like the slimy malt of fish -cause you would learn to live with death on you without fear, and you know what exists beyond suffering, beyond the nothingness: the depths of your soul.
The abysses that live in their own light, unknown and beautiful, solitary.
Wonders that shine your eyes. A knowledge that allows you to approach your life differently, you understand the meaning, perceive its weight, understand the direction. Continue Reading