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On 7 September 2017 Desigual’s New York Fashion Week decreed collaboration between the brand and Jean-Paul Goude, the French image maker artist who has been able to influence fashion since the 1960s.
Goude has become famous for its high fashion vignettes, able to attract even an audience outside of the fashion world.
Desigual’s new artistic director will be the main supporter of the restyling of its own image, will curate the creation and design of the collection, coordinate marketing activities, and establish events in the industry.
A challenge to which Goude claims to be enthusiastic, and for this reason he will remain faithful to the unmistakable DNA that has always characterized Desigual clothes. Continue Reading




I always thought of how much travelling has shaped me. It was part of my education. It made me realize how much the lives change just crossing the borders.
Travelling has allowed me to interpret the world in a different way, it taught me not to judge, not to be satisfied, it especially showed me how much life there is out, how much diversity coexists, how much I need to invest more and more in travel and less in the materiality. It taught me to give due weight to things, situations, to the convictions, to the time.
The travelling explained to me that I can be as I want, I can take any traditions, facets of character, anything I like from the world, I can take it and make it my own. It pushed me to constantly improve, to dream big. It brought me up to think before speak, it has led me to be more empathetic because knowing the man from many different corners of the world will learn to understand him better.
The travelling showed me what I like and what not, how much ignorance is cancerous, and not to take anything for granted. Above all it taught me to observe and reflect. Continue Reading




Happiness is a word that defines an infinite set of sensations. As flock, as team, as fleet. You studied them in elementary schools and learned that with one word you meant so many units in unison. But the units are just this: unique and different.
A flock is full of different birds, a team is composed of so many souls totally incomparable, and so the emotions we put together in happiness.
I divide my mind in two contemporary thoughts, now, as I write:
-happiness is a set of so many separate feelings that lead to it;
-happiness indicates a set of different feelings that all indicate a specific state of mood but of intensity, completeness, and duration different per person and situation.
So not only happiness is a collective name of the many unique feelings that make up it, but at the same time a common name that defines an emotion different and individual connected every time and for every person to causes and with different empathic consequences. Continue Reading




The blog has always been a diary for me. I opened it for that reason a year ago.
I needed a continuous stimulus to write.
Writing for me is paramount, my greatest aspiration, the only quality I recognize.
And the poetry of writing is directly proportional to the complexity of thoughts.
I had come to a period of my life where I did not write anymore – I did not think anymore. I mean thoughts that are questioned, that they have a weight and a depth.
Four years ago. I’m subscribed to Instagram just to spur me from publishing a photo a day and a related or inspired text.
It helped me a lot and made me think a lot. About everything, and that’s how I appreciated my time: from the quality of thoughts. They can be inspired by people around me, dialogues, a city, a museum, a book, a photo…
The blog is an extension of Instagram. It allows me to write more and know that only those really interested will stop reading.
Writing is a primary necessity, an outpouring that releases my mind and soul, which allows me to take note of what I am -and to keep it during the time.
Of course, I don’t write everything. I can’t confide openly on the web. But it’s a writing spur in which I inevitably let my current state of mind flow, I let speak the emotions. Continue Reading



Finally I have time to resume the narration of the trip to Santorini (here the first day).
At the dawn of the second day on the white island, we decided to have breakfast on the terrace next to the pool overlooking Caldera. Despite the cold wind, sip tea while looking at that infinite blue -and imagining the rest of the volcanic island sunk beneath, of which remains the debris’ island in the center- was a privilege of deep emotion.
After we changed, we took the bus to Akrotiri. I had read there a great archeological site (the bus stops right in front) with remains in good condition… We arrived, we paid our € 12 and we were stunned. In the negative sense. The site is made up of only one not too large villa, some of which there are part of the walls, some vases.
I have roots in Pompeii and am accustomed to the immensity of this cultural heritage, having to pay 12 € to see nothing compared to me it seemed absurd. Yet I think we aren’t not being able to value the wonders we have in Italy. Pompeii, like so many other things, is falling in ruins. People get paid very little and walk through the remains without even knowing what they see. Here, however, as little as that is left, there was a guide that every 5 meters stopped and had something to tell about history, those remains, anecdotes, curiosity. So who should change?
Fortunately, our disappointment dissolved away quickly: excavations are located near the Red Beach, 5 minutes walk. The rocks are of lava origin and therefore red: the difference between the red rock in contact with the lava and the black one can be noticed. The erosion of the sea has created a beach of red pebbles, accessible through a path on the rocks. Continue Reading




Sometimes I need to be shipwrecked in a bubble of apathy, lose myself, slip to the bottom of thoughts and darkness to surface. To pause the smile, the good humor, the optimism. A holiday from any emotion. No sadness, no bad mood, never victimism. Only apathy. To return. To return. Continue Reading




Today is Carmela’s name day -whom I affectionately call Apple– my best friend, older sister, sometimes mother. And finally collaborator, for more than a year, when we decided to start working on this blog and devote it all our energies and free time, to achieve our dreams that meet perfectly halfway: my love for writing, fashion, the desire to create something of mine and the photography we have in common, to which she adds her innate entrepreneurial propensity, her brilliant mind in continuous work on new ideas. And travel. Obviously, travelling.
We started to go round Europe together to support each other, to bring Dasynka around with us through photos and stories. We share the same interests and it is important when traveling to be in tune. She’s the person who spurs me when I’m down or I stop believing in me, to whom I confide my tears, fears and hopes.
Behind Dasynka there is her more than you can imagine, from the choice of outfits, to guiding me in shoots, inspirations, ideas, and confrontation with business contacts.
We are a perfectly balanced team and it’s thanks to her if Dasynka exists -alone wouldn’t have been possible. So it’s thanks to her if I have the chance to see, day after day, my dream comes true.
And the certainty of not being alone, in work as in life, because she’s the only real close friend that remains to me.
She is a person who puts the good of others always before hers, whom gives also without receiving, whom never loses her smile or becomes discouraged.

Today is also eight months that my Mum is gone. Continue Reading




I reflected on the meaning of friendship these days. I’ve been thinking for months, actually.
You know, people are quick in defining. Define anything: that steel is cold when it is not true (see here), that every relationship is love, that spending Saturday night together means friendship.
What is friendship?
I’ll answer you with the first things that come to my mind: friendship is to be for the other always, especially in the worst moments. It’s unconditional support. It’s to put aside pride, to give without asking, it’s love but without constraints and restrictions. It’s understanding and empathy. Especially empathy.

Maybe we don’t all know what it is, many confuse it with the simply being together, with the laughter, with the Saturday night.
This is because opportunities to prove the values of friendship are rare. It happens only occasionally, when life suddenly sank and something breaks in the harmony of evening laughter. And that’s where the truth is revealed.
Have you ever hear that in the worst moments you find yourself alone? Because it is in those moments that friendship should prove itself, and that is where we find the absurd confusion we are all subjected to: that friendship is very rare (because very few are people with values and without selfishness) and there isn’t a word that classifies all the people with whom we spend the best moments, but who aren’t real friends. It would be a word between friendship and knowledge, a step ahead of friendship but with a more sympathetic connotation than simple “knowledge.” Continue Reading